Rob Chignell

Positions: Right Back

Bio: The new assistant manager of Dynamo Fenham, Rob is one of the fitter members of the team, in both athletic ability and looks! Chignell will run all day and will often make that overlapping run in the 89th minute despite most of his team-mates being on their knees by this time of the game, Rob also has a love of heading the ball. Rob runs the highly popular ‘Chignell’s Baywatch’ training sessions on Monday nights in Tynemouth. Later in the season, the DFFC club shop will be selling profile pictures of Rob and Stokoe Studios will also begin filming their first movie release, entitled “Win a date with Rob Chignell”, there promises to be no shortage of females auditioning for the lead role…

Outside of the game, Rob is somewhat the entrepreneur of the squad, running his own businesses and generally being an all-round ladies man.